Getting Started

Step into Learning

Step 1: Install the EduBrowse Google Chrome extension

Install the toolbar

The EduBrowse toolbar will allow you to time all of your online learning with tagging, screenshots, highlighting and more!

Install the toolbar

Step 2: Create your first log

Create a log

Once you have installed the EduBrowse extension click on the EduCorp icon to create a log of the current page.

Let's have a go, try this article: or find an online article you want to read - open a url from your own reading collection - press the EduBrowse and try it out.

How to create a log

Step 3: View your learning log

View your log

Now go to your learning log and you will see your first article captured, if you edit it you can make it more valuable.

All of your EduBrowse logs are stored in your learning log.

View my learning log

Step 4: Manage your ePortfolio

Manage your ePortfolio

If you are ready you can send your research to the ePortfolio of your choice or create a new one. You can craft your submissions with automatic bibiography.

Manage my ePortfolio

What's next?

What's next

Check out the other features of the site.

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